Setting up your own eID solution

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Connecting to existing third-party eID infrastructures may give you access to an already registered user base, but some times it is required to set up your own eID solution that is local to your own users only.

Reasons for setting up your own eID solution can be:

  • You need to cover 100% of your own user base when existing third-party solutions only covers a part of the user base.
  • You want exact control over the technology that should be used to log in or sign.
  • You want to give your users access to eID technologies that is not provided by the third-part infrastructures.

Signicat provides all the technologies and services that is required to set up a local eID solution for your own users. This includes solutions for setting up a user database, registering users, user authentication on both desktops and mobile devices and user maintainance. All solutions are provided as a service.


The username/password solution is based on static passwords. Administration of the user account is totally self serviced. The user can create and recover his password by ordering an activation code that is distributed by sms, postal mail or even email.

Signicat MobileID

The Signicat MobileID solution is based on modern smartphone based eID technology. By registering with an app users may log in both on the desktop, on a tablet or on the phone with a single pin code. The technology can be provided in a separate app or embedded in your own app.

Two factor authentication with SMS

The solution for two factor authentication with SMS works on any phone and gives you a high security solution. The can log in both on the desktop, on a tablet and on a smart phone with a password and a one time code that is sent to his mobile.

SMS one time codes

The SMS one time code solution is a simple to use solution for authenticating a user with a mobile phone.

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