NemID VOCES renewal

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This page describes how to renew the NemID VOCES certificate. Only your NemID Administrator can do this.

Note: When renewing the VOCES certificate, you should not order a new certificate, since it may cause problems.

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  1. Log in to https://www.medarbejdersignatur.dk/
  2. Select Øvrige signaturer > Administrér virksomhetssignatur.

    Teknisk kontaktperson (the technical contact person) should be someone from Signicat.
    To proceed, select Vis detaljer (show details).
  3. You can now renew the certificate: Select Bestil Genudstedelse (order renewal).

    Note: Do not select the checkbox for blocking the existing certificate if you wish to keep your NemID integration running in production.
    You have now ordered the renewal of your VOCES certificate.
    An e-mail is sent to the technical contact person with the appropriate information.
  4. The technical contact person needs a temporary access code to retrieve the new certificate. Select Vis ny midlertidig adgangskode (show new temporary access code).

    You can now view the temporary access code.
  5. Send this access code via SMS or another secure communication channel to the technical contact person. When this is done, the technical contact person will download and install the certificate.

For more general information about NemID and how to order a VOCES certificate for the first time, see About Danish NemID.


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