Graphical adjustments and customization

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Graphical profile

Identity methods delivered by Signicat are wrapped in a graphical profile surrounding the method – the graphical profile is customizable with the following parameters:

  • Header – can be visible or hidden
    • Your logo
    • Header color
  • Background – behind the identity method
    • Can be an image covering the background, or a color

Changing texts within identity methods

With many of the identity methods, as well as our signing solution, a number of titles and explanatory texts can be changed on a customer by customer basis.

Configuring the signing UI

Many of the texts in the signing UI can be manually configured by the customer. This includes titles and explanation texts.

In Signicat’s Signing UI, customers can configure a number of elements:

  • Buttons
    • Button color
    • Border radius on button (round or squared)
    • Button shadow (on or off)
  • In the bottom menu, the following elements can be removed
    • Exit button
    • Fullscreen button
    • Document download button
  • Exit dialog (on or off)
    • Display postpone button
  • Consent dialog for single document (on or off)
  • Reject the user session if the sign method fails (on or off)

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