Explanation of Invoice

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This page explains the invoice from Signicat.

The header of the invoice specifies the period, and the receiver of the invoice: i.e. Company name or departement name of Company.

Cost elements

Sub amount



Subscription fee, [period] Period specifies the month the invoice applies to
– Subscription fee 5 500,00 The Subscription fee is independent on the number of transactions or the use of the services at Id.Signicat. It is calculated from the number of products, methods, profiles, and the SLA.
Support, [period]
Support includes all assistance that Signicat performs related to customer requests, except from:

  • assistance due to errors in Signicat’s systems.
  • establishement of new services and methods.

The support fee is calculated using support rates in the contract, and number of registered support hours.

– Sum technical assistance 1 050,00 This is the sum of all registered support. Detailed spesification of support is attached below the invoice summary.
Support within basic support period: 1 050,00
Support outside basic support period: 0,00
Transactions, [period]
The Transactions fee is calculated by summing all transaction elements. Each transaction element has an associated cost model, and a specified number of transactions for the period. The number of transactions are normally summed for all eIDs used by the Customer. All completed and started transactions counts.

If an end user cancels an authentication or a signature process after it has been initiated, it is still counted as a transaction.

– Authentications 55 824,18 Sum all authentication transaction types
Strong authentication 47 511,96 Authentication transactions, type 1
Password login 7 867,50 Authentication transactions, type 2
– Signatures 1 154,82 Sum all signature transaction types
e-Signature 1 154,82 Signature transactions, type 1
– Registrations 853,04 Sum all register transaction types
Sending SMS 219,00 Register transactions, type 1
Distribution of letters 644,52 Register transactions, type 2
– Archive services 8 549,00 Sum all archive services
Document archive 7 500,00 Archive service type 1
PIN Users 1 049,00 Archive service type 2
Sum cost elements: 128755,18
Sum all cost elements

Transaction details

Transaction element


Sub count



– Authentications 48 922 Total number of authentcations of type 1. This includes both completed and started transactions
Nor. BankID 4 471 Authentications pr. e-ID
Swe. BankID 22 064
NemID 8 762
Nor. Mobile BankID 1 133
Swe. Mobile BankID 277
– Password logins 5 965 Total number of authentcations of type 2. This includes both completed and started transactions
Password nettbank 5 865 Authentications pr. e-ID
– Signatures 411 Total number of signatures. This includes both completed and started transactions
Nor. BankID Sign 228 Signatures pr. e-ID
Swe. BankID 123
NemID Sign 60
– Registrations (e-mail/letter/SMS) 514 Total number of registrations
Nof. e-mails 174 Registrations pr. type
Nof. SMS 219
Nof letters 121
– Archive elements 178 240 Total number of archived elements
Document archive 46 215 Archived elements pr. type
PIN Users 132 025


Support details



Registered by


Time used

04.07.12 This is the title of support issue no 1 Olav Abelsen 0,5
25.07.12 This is the title of support issue no 2 Rune Johansen 0,5

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