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Lookup services are used to provide additional information about a user (B2C) or an organization (B2B). Lookup services are typically integrated with one or more services provided by Signicat to enhance them. In addition, it is possible to call some of these services directly.

Lookup services are a means for Signicat to provide customers with additional information by calling external registries. Lookup services can be used stand-alone or by:

  • Assure to obtain and verify additional information about the user which is being assured. Looking up a postal address or a national identification number from a government registry is an example of how lookups can be used as a part of the assurance flow.
  • Connect for an end user login to get additional information about the user. This can as an example be to provide the user’s current address.
  • Sign in a B2B scenario to get information about signing rights for the signer, to ensure that the user is authorized to sign on behalf of the given company.

Signicat provides the lookup services listed in the table below. Some of them are subject to restrictions, which means that access to the API documentation will be given when the contract between the customer and Signicat is signed. The documentation will then be accessible through the Customer Portal.

Country Lookup B2C B2B Standalone Contract required by customer Open access to API
 NO No Yes No  – Yes
Folkeregisteret Yes No Yes Yes
SE Yes Yes No Yes
DK No Yes No Yes
UK Companies House No Yes Yes Yes
NL Surepay Yes Yes Yes
NL KvK No Yes No Yes
Global Trapets Yes No Yes Yes


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