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Identity Paper Verification

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Identity paper verification is done through Signicat’s Assure product and the Paper Verify method. The primary purpose of Paper Verify is to digitally verify identity papers provided by the end users by verifying the validity of the document and extracting identity data. The identity details are passed on to the service provider.

Signicat’s paper solution provides vital security features in order to ensure identity paper authenticity. Each identity paper is checked towards an internal repository of known identity papers and their printed security features. These features and information, such as the expiry date on the identity paper, are validated before the end user is allowed to proceed. To provide additional proof that it is the right person submitting the identity paper, the solution can easily be extended to collect one or multiple self-portraits from the end user. The self-portrait is matched against the photo on the identity paper for additional assurance and proof of ownership.

The solution may be used as a stand-alone method or it can be used in combination with other identity methods, and registry lookups. Combining identity methods is typically done to either increase security or because a single method does not return all relevant data about the user. For many businesses, it is required to gather personal data such as date of birth, name (which you could get from a passport) as well as address, which is only available through a registry lookup. Signicat can gather, cross correlate and verify the cumulative information obtained from multiple sources, making it easy for you as a customer to verify users.

Use case example

Paper Verify can be used as a stand-alone method to identify users or as part of a flow to identify users. The primary use case for identity paper verification is to identify users when doing customer onboarding. Depending on regulatory requirements and risk assessments, you might need to identify users with a passport or identity paper in addition to a public identity method such as a Norwegian BankID or a government ID.

How to get started

Identity paper verification is available as a component of the Assure product, getting started is easy, but requires an agreement with Signicat. Integration is done the same way as integrating with any other Signicat provided solutions. Read more here about how to get started with authentication through Signicat.

Third party paper solutions

In addition to the paper API offered by Signicat, Signicat also supports the use of third-party APIs for identity paper verification. The paper solutions APIs offered through Signicat’s partners are listed in the table below. Some of them are subject to restrictions, which means that access to the API documentation will be given when the contract between the customer and Signicat is signed.

APIs Open access
MS Face API Yes
Mitek Strong ID API No


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