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Questions and answers:

How do I perform deletion and correction of personal data?

All deletion and correction of personal data shall be done using Signicat API’s at https://developer.signicat.com/apis/.

For more information, as well as help with deletion or corrective actions of personal information, please contact support@signicat.com.

Where can I download the root and intermediate certificates for the renewed id.signicat.com domain?

If your organization’s email policy did not allow for these files to be received when they were sent out in the information e-mail titled “INFORMATION: Renewal of “id.signicat.com” with new certificate issuer #2“, you may download the files here:




Which ETSI standard do Signicat XAdES and PAdES conform to?


ETSI TS 101 903: “XML Advanced Electronic Signatures (XAdES)”
Profile: XAdES Baseline B (ETSI TS 103 171)


ETSI TS 102 778: “Electronic Signatures and Infrastructures (ESI)”
Profile: PAdES-LTV

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