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Why Can’t I Choose Between Hardware Token And Mobile When Using Norwegian BankID?

When starting a regular Norwegian BankID transaction (which is to say, not a Norwegian BankID Mobile transaction), the user’s bank will sometimes allow the user to use Norwegian BankID Mobile (or a similar alternative, like “skrapekort”) instead of the hardware token to complete the OTP step in the transaction — whether or not this is allowed depends on the bank which issued the user’s personal certificate. If the user’s bank supports it, the authentication window will allow the user access to a menu.

There are a number of things to note with this option:

  • This choice is not available to everyone — if it’s not available to the user, it is because the bank who issued their personal certificate does not support it
  • If a user chooses to complete the OTP step with BankID mobile, the transaction itself is still regarded as a “regular” BankID transaction — the user still has to input their personal password at the end
  • A user’s bank may not allow them to perform this OTP step with BankID mobile, but still allow them to complete true BankID mobile transactions

To ensure that all users are given the ability to choose, we urge our customers to make both regular BankID and BankID mobile available through their separate methods (most often called nbid and nbid-mobil). More information about authentication can be found here.

If you have additional questions, please contact our service desk at support@signicat.com

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