Danish NemID

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Questions and answers:

Why does this NemID signature show the user’s name as “Pseudonym”?

If a personal NemID certificate is set to show as “pseudonym” instead of the user’s name, it is due to a name not being given when the certificate was created. NemID users are allowed to change this through the self-service portal at www.nemid.nu, or alternatively contacting NemID support by phone.

What happens if I download the VOCES certificate on my machine?

Signicat won’t accept the certificate as Signicat cannot guarantee the VOCES certificate’s integrity and ensure it’s not compromised.

How can I locate my NemID administrator?

See https://www.nets.eu/dk-da/kundeservice/medarbejdersignatur/administrator/Pages/find-virksomhedens-nemid-administrator.aspx

Can’t Signicat locate my NemID administrator on my company’s behalf?

Only the NemID administrator can issue company-specific VOCES certificates. You should never give anyone outside your company this kind of access.

Why do I need a VOCES certificate?

The certificate identifies your company towards NemID.

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