Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Changes To Cookie Handling In Chrome 80 What changes will be made to cookie handling?

Can you point me to some resources on the SameSite change?

When will the changes come into effect?

Will my application be affected?

I use a subdomain, how am I affected?

Do I need to take any action?

How will Signicat handle the SameSite change for Signicat’s cookies?

Can I already now, in Chrome 79, test if my integration with Signicat will work in Chrome 80?

Changes To Certificates Used In PAdES Generation What changes have been made to certificates?

Will my integration with Signicat be affected?

I know that the document comes from a trusted source. How can I add the certificate to my trusted certificates?

Are any further changes planned to the way PAdES generation is done?

Signing Of DPA (Data Processing Agreement) FAQ How do I fill out the appendix?

What is a Data Processing Agreement (DPA), and why do we need one in the first place?

What is the deadline for Norwegian customers?

Is my company/organization a Data Controller?

But we are not storing any personal data?

So what does Signicat do with our personal data?

We already have a GDPR-compliant Data Processing Agreement with Signicat.

What’s new with the GDPR?

Who will sign the DPA?

How can I read through the agreement before signing?

Will we get a signed copy of the DPA?

Customer Portal and Graphical Editing What is the Signicat standard graphical profile?

Why can’t I edit html/css?

Why can’t I create my own profile from scratch?

Why aren’t my existing profiles visible in the customer portal?

How does it relate to production/preprod?

What happens on submit?

What costs are related to submitting a profile?

Danish NemID Why Does This NemID Signature Show The User’s Name As “Pseudonym”?
Norwegian BankID Why Can’t I Choose Between Hardware Token And Mobile When Using Norwegian BankID?
Other How do I perform deletion and correction of personal data?

Where can I download the root and intermediate certificates for the renewed id.signicat.com domain?

Which ETSI standard do Signicat XAdES and PAdES conform to?

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