Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Changes To Certificates Used In PAdES Generation What changes have been made to certificates?

Will my integration with Signicat be affected?

I know that the document comes from a trusted source. How can I add the certificate to my trusted certificates?

Are any further changes planned to the way PAdES generation is done?

Signing Of DPA (Data Processing Agreement) FAQ How do I fill out the appendix?
What is a Data Processing Agreement (DPA), and why do we need one in the first place?
What is the deadline for Norwegian customers?
Is my company/organization a Data Controller?
But we are not storing any personal data?
So what does Signicat do with our personal data?
We already have a GDPR-compliant Data Processing Agreement with Signicat.
What’s new with the GDPR?
Who will sign the DPA?
How can I read through the agreement before signing?
Will we get a signed copy of the DPA?
Customer Portal and Graphical Editing What is the Signicat standard graphical profile?

Why can’t I edit html/css?

Why can’t I create my own profile from scratch?

Why aren’t my existing profiles visible in the customer portal?

How does it relate to production/preprod?

What happens on submit?

What costs are related to submitting a profile?

Danish NemID Why Does This NemID Signature Show The User’s Name As “Pseudonym”?
Norwegian BankID Why Can’t I Choose Between Hardware Token And Mobile When Using Norwegian BankID?
Other How do I perform deletion and correction of personal data?

Where can I download the root and intermediate certificates for the renewed id.signicat.com domain?

Which ETSI standard do Signicat XAdES and PAdES conform to?

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