Finnish Trust Network

Finnish Trust Network

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FTN is a new organization that will emerge as a consequence of new Finnish legislation coming into force on 2017-05-01. It specifies that certified ID hubs are allowed to resell all registered Finnish identity solutions with one contract.

Signicat is such a hub.

The greatest impact will be on TUPAS, which previously required service providers to sign agreements with each of the banks taking part in the cooperation. FTN will allow Signicat to take over that role for both authentication and signing. This will also have very much of a positive impact on pricing – contact for more information. The same applies to Mobiilivarmenne and FINeID – you need only sign a contract with Signicat, and we will handle the contractual details with the eID vendors.

If you already have agreements with the TUPAS banks, your service can be reconfigured to Signicat’s FTN agreement with no change on your end.

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