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Signicat's pre-production environment

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Signicat offers a specific pre-production environment called to our customers. The main purpose of this environment is to meet the customer’s needs for implementation of all necessary e-ID-related tests of their own solutions before they go live. It will not be used by Signicat to test Signicat’s own services.

The pre-production environment should not be used by customers for production purposes, and it should not be used to protect values. However, Signicat cannot prevent customers from adding data that is confidential into the pre-production environment. Signicat will try to keep such data confidential even if we have no explicit responsibility for it.

Signicat’s pre-production environment will normally be set up with the same modules, and run the same versions of our software, as in production. Development, QA, and deployment of these modules are performed according to Signicat’s QA framework and procedures.

Differences between pre-production and production

The main differences between pre-production and production are:

  • The pre-production environment is connected to the pre-production environments of the different ID-solutions, while the production environment is linked up with the corresponding e-ID production infrastructure.
  • We do not offer redundancy in pre-production and are not able to restart the services “gracefully” when maintenance is planned or required.
  • Two-way SSL between the service provider and our services is not required or possible in pre-production.

Read more about the differences between Signicat’s pre-production and production environments here.


Establishment processes normally involve a number of activities in pre-production. During this phase, we create a customer-specific configuration based on which products the customer has ordered, as well as which adaptations the customer has made compared to the standard configuration.

Support requests related to establishment in pre-production have the same priority as support questions related to services in production, and will be handled according to the specification of the SLA in the agreement.

Service levels in pre-production

Our standard agreement does not include an SLA in pre-production, but our goal is to offer as high a service level as possible in pre-production. Historically, service levels for the pre-production environment have been almost the same as in production; i.e. between 99.5% and 99.9% on monthly basis.


  • Service modules: Services in pre-production will normally be updated at the same time as they are updated in production. Maintenance in production involves no downtime. In the pre-production environment, we have to restart the application processes, which will result in a short disruption. Customers who are testing in the pre-production environment will most likely lose their session after such a restart.
  • Customer configurations: Configurations in the pre-production environment are normally updated at the same time as they are updated in production. However, there may be differences between configurations in pre-production and production over time:
    • Minor changes in graphical profiles, texts, etc. are not always deployed to pre-production.
    • When a customer-specific certificate in pre-production expires, we normally replace this with a valid Signicat-specific certificate.
Service window

Information about service windows due to scheduled maintenance expected to take longer than 30 minutes will be communicated to Signicat’s customers.


Customers may wish to make changes to their configuration in pre-production even after their services are deployed to production. Such support requests normally have lower priority than support requests that apply to an establishment process or a service in production.

However, Signicat does handle these requests as quickly as possible, and when we have sufficient capacity, customers will not notice any differences in response times.


In pre-production, as in production, three categories of data/ documents are affected by our backup routines:

  • Transaction logs: All transaction logs older than two months are deleted.
  • Original and signed documents not stored in the archive: All documents older than the retention period are deleted. By default, the retention period is set to 30 + 7 days.
  • Original and signed documents saved in the archive: All documents older than the retention period are deleted.

Please note

Signicat’s pre-production environment is not as powerful as the production environment. Response times may not be quite as good as in production.

Customer performance tests must be agreed with Signicat Operations (

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