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General information

The following is an introductory guide to understanding and getting started with authentication through Signicat with the authentication protocols supported. For the sake of brevity, this document will link to a number of separate guides, examples and more exhaustive documentation when it is deemed necessary.

The commercial terms for using the services are based on a modular approach and this document does not consider pricing of the services. Please contact your Signicat Account Manager for pricing details.

To get started, the service provider has to select what ID methods to support for authentication and which protocol to use.

Authentication Methods

Signicat provides you with a wide number of ID methods for authenticating through a single point of integration. This allows service providers to tailor the security of their authentication processes to their business needs. To see the full list of authentication methods, please seeĀ this page. For a full description of each of the ID methods provided through Signicat, please seeĀ this page.

Authentication Protocols

Signicat supports two main authentication protocols. You can find more information about each of them in the following sections:


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