# Information Service API release notes

# 06.11.2023

# Introduced the Identity verification endpoint

Endpoint: identity

# Features - NEW
  • Added new Identity verification method - GET /info/lookup/countries/{country}/persons/identity/verify.

Identity verification

With the Identity verification endpoint you can verify a natural person's identity and address information.

Learn more in the:

# Features - DEPRECATED
  • The Address verification endpoint is no longer available.


Existing customers using the Address verification endpoint are not impacted.

# 02.11.2023

# Bisnode datasource is now available in the Basic endpoint

Datasource: bisnode

# Features - NEW

All supported endpoints

You can use bisnode in the following endpoints:

# 31.10.2023

# Trapets datasource supports Adverse Media in Screening endpoints

Datasource: trapets

# Features - NEW
  • The datasource Trapets (trapets) now supports adverseMedia in the listType for the screening endpoints. You can retrieve Adverse Media information both with the Organization Screening endpoint and the Persons Screening endpoint. Trapets provides global geographical coverage.


    adverseMedia is only available if you are using a Production account. The feature is not available for Sandbox accounts and a response error is returned instead.

All supported list types for screening

When requesting trapets data from the screening endpoint, you can choose among the following listType fields:

  • pep
  • sanction
  • adverseMedia (New feature)

# Roles endpoint mapping logic updated

Endpoint: roles

# Changes - UPDATE
  • Minor technical mapping adjustments to the values returned in the Roles endpoint.

# 08.06.2023

# Norway business register (NO-Brreg) added to Roles endpoint

Datasource: no-brreg

# Features - NEW
  • Datasource for Norway business register no-brreg is now available in the Roles endpoint. Customers can now fetch all the roles associated with an organisation using no-brreg.

All supported endpoints

You can use no-brreg in the following endpoints:

# 22.03.2023

# Surepay v2.0

Datasource: surepay

# Features - NEW
# Changes - UPDATE
  • Minor technical mapping adjustments to the existing Surepay integration.


Existing clients using the Surepay integration will not be impacted.

Contact us at support@signicat.com if you want to know more.

Last updated: 13/11/2023 11:56 UTC