# Error codes

This table shows how to interpret some of the error codes that can be returned when using Signicat's Information Service or Person Monitoring Service.

Error code Description
0001 Unauthorised
0002 Forbidden
1100 Requested a country that is not implemented
1101 Requested one or more sources that are currently unavailable
1102 Request targeted a resource where the requested data-set is not implemented
1103 Request targeted a resource where the profile is not implemented
1104 Requested a country that is not implemented by the provided source
1105 Requested a profile that is not implemented by the provided source
1200 The request targeted a country that does not exist
1201 Request targeted strict sources without specifying anyone
1202 Request targeted one or more sources that do not exist
1203 Request targeted a country that has not been implemented
1204 Invalid request property combination
1205 Invalid expansion property
1206 Invalid query
1207 Invalid date of birth
1208 Bad request
1209 Unprocessable entity
1210 Invalid paging parameters
1220 Exceeded max iterations while searching for NACE section code, source is corrupted
1250 Country not found
1251 Subdivisions not found
1252 Countries not found
1300 Internal communication error
1301 The source failed to respond within reasonable time
1302 Internal communication error
1303 Invalid argument
1304 Internal communication error
1305 The requested resource could not be found
1306 Internal communication error
1307 Internal communication error
1308 Source is temporarily exhausted
1309 Internal communication error
1310 Internal communication error
1311 Internal communication error
1312 Internal communication error
1313 Internal communication error
1314 Source is temporarily unavailable
1315 Internal communication error
1316 Internal communication error
1500 Something went wrong. Please contact us for assistance if the problem persists.
1601 Multiple internal communication errors
1700 Could not find the specified cursor
1701 Invalid cursor
Last updated: 30/06/2023 08:40 UTC