# Provider-specific integrations

You can use an electronic Identity Verification service (eIDV) to verify an end-user’s identity by scanning and checking the information of an ID document. Such a service can also offer other types of verification features, such as facial similarity check and/or liveness check. Here is an overview of the service providers and which features they offer:

Provider OCR + verification Facial similarity Liveness check Other features
Electronic IDentification X X X Manual review or live interview by a support agent.
Onfido X X X
ReadID X NFC reading of ID document's chip.
Signicat Paper X Redaction of ID images.
WebID X X X BaFin compliant

In addition, Assure API allows to obtain identity information from Signicat's eID Hub and to match and corroborate the obtained data from these sources. Most of the following eIDs are available through Assure API. Internally to the Assure API, you must add the Connect (opens new window) provider to access those eID services.

Last updated: 07/08/2023 13:03 UTC