See these links for the ID methods supported by Signicat, the SCID API (SignicatID) and authentication documentation. If you are not sure where to begin, read Get started with authentication.

Signicat Connect enables businesses to offer easy-to-use and secure access to sites and applications. Choose from a wide range of authentication methods including public eIDs and social media, all easily available through a single integration. Signicat helps customers save time and money by allowing them to spend less resources on authentication and digital identity and more time on their core business.

Businesses integrated with Signicat get access to the largest eID-hub in Europe in addition to authentication ecosystems for handling simple and strong authentication. The flexibility and the range of authentication methods delivered by Signicat allows you to tailor the security of your authentication processes to your business needs, balancing between user experience and risk.

Signicat Connect offers three types of identities

For organizations

For end users

Strong customer authentication (SCA) using a mobile device

Supports more than 20 eID methods and consumer identities

With PSD2 (EU Payment Service Directive 2) being implemented, your organization will have to use Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) when dealing with payment transactions.

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