Identity verification

This page gives an introduction to the benefits of using Signicat Assure. For further reading about how to understand, set up and use the Signicat Assure API, see Identity verification with Signicat Assure.

There is a growing expectation among consumers, that an onboarding process can be conducted online with no need to visit an office in person. As there will be no personal meeting in those situations the requirements to assuring and proofing the customers’ identity must be fulfilled digitally.

A user-friendly and time-effective onboarding is crucial when it comes to the success rate of the onboarding process, as well as giving the business enough information to ensure trust. A survey performed by Signicat showed that 40% of financial customers do not go through with the process. Unless the benefits are obvious for the users, a complex process will turn them away.

The strength of Signicat Assure lies in its flexibility and scalability to balance convenience for the user with risk and regulatory requirements, to achieve reasonable assurance of a remote identity. Signicat has the largest collection of identity proofing methods in the market today. By using the Signicat cloud platform, service providers can offer multiple assurance methods to reach a broad number of people in multiple countries and combine multiple proofing methods to achieve the desired level of assurance.

For the organization

  • Signicat Assure will help the organization in
    onboarding processes
  • Securely proof the identity of new users
  • Ensures regulatory compliance
  • Dynamically adjust onboarding flows to balance
    user experience and risk
  • Increase the level of assurance for existing users
  • Know your customer (KYC)

For the end-user

  • Time effective onboarding process
  • Use already specified credentials from public eID
    methods and consumer identities

Digital verification of identity papers such as passports and national identity cards

Supports several eID methods

Fast, secure and compliant onboarding