SealingService is a service with a SOAP web service interface, and is used for sealing documents.

The service may be used from any platform capable of making a SOAP web service call, and relies on Signicat’s SDS service for uploading and downloading binary document data.


The WSDL for the service is available at:


The only difference between the WSDL in preprod and production is the soap address location attribute.

List of methods

create-seal Seals a specified document



This method is used for sealing a document. The sealed document will be available for download in the SDS system when this method returns.


Name Data type Description
service String The name of the customer service (the customer account).
password String The password for this service. This is different in preprod and production.
packaging-method String The name of the method to use when creating the seal.
inputdocument DocumentId Specifies a document to be sealed.
send-result-to-archive Boolean Specifies if the sealing result will be archived or not. Default is false, meaning that the sealing result will be saved temporarily into SDS; the ID in the return value will be an SDS id
If specified and set to True, the sealing result will be archived in Signicat Archive and the return value will be an archive id.

Return value

Name Data type Description
id String URL to the document package in SDS, or to Signicat Archive if sendresulttoarchive is true
error Error An error code and message

Data type: DocumentId


The DocumentId data type is a reference to a document in the SDS system. A DocumentId can be one of three data types that extend the general DocumentId data type.

Each extension provides field that identifies the document in each target system.


Extension Description
OrderDocumentId A document that was created recently by the signature portal and is still available there.
ArchiveDocumentId A document in the archive
SdsDocumentId A document located in the Session Data Storage. This is a temporary storage that is accessible via a REST interface.